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My business didn't begin as a well-thought out, predetermined idea... I'm thinking it happened more by happenstance.  And quite honestly, I believe it began long before I even knew it.  I really have to thank my Mom and her Mom for the wonderful traits and gifts they passed down to me!  Many, many years ago I started sewing, much to my own dismay, as I couldn't follow pattern instructions to save my life, and the whole thing just frustrated me ( just ask my Mom! )  Somehow I made it through that first project and continued sewing.  Later on I learned that I loved to make and design things; anything... it didn't matter.  The joy I felt after creating and completing a project was a wonderful feeling, but those feelings were amplified ten-fold when the something I had just designed and made was for someone else and I got to see the smile on their face, and hear their heart-felt thanks..... That's the true beauty of what I love to do, which has unfolded into this wonderful new journey! 

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